Themed & Period Events

At Martiny's Magic we can provide entertainment for the whole family and we offer various packages to suit adults and children for any style or themed event.

Themed & Period Events

For many years we have exhibited our depictions of legendary & historical characters both here and abroad. These are designed to be entertaining firstly, but performances are also often genuinely educational. One example is of 'John Dee' Tudor Alchemist & science officer to Queen Elisabeth. 


The presentations created by us are interpretive and most costume is authentic to a time period so we fit in well alongside living history groups & reanactors. Previous clients and regular bookers include. 'Chaucer Heritage' in Canterbury, London V.E. day & France with the Joan of Ark festival, Also Smithles Hall, Bolton festival with various time periods over a number of years And many more. 

Others we love to perform with are :-

  • The VICTORIAN 'Professor' Magician with elegant skill & Mechanical marvels for stage or street.
  • The GEORGIAN Fop & the Soldier Surgeon with tongue in cheek participation shows.
  • MEDIEVAL Characters like MERLIN with Magic, story telling with visual effects & comedy.

If you're holding a themed party or event, give The Magic Man Cumbria a call: 01900 602 403