Workshops & Educational

Workshops & Educational

We teach methods & principles, not just tricks so students can begin to create their own illusions & routines.
This is great for promoting confidence, personal organisation & social skills.
You can learn techniques of sleight of hand, misdirection, close illusion, practice breathing & projection, the psychology of magic as well as doable 'Mentalism'
We teach easy tricks as well as some routines & skills used in Martinys own professional work.

Martiny has designed sessions & courses for Adults & children in venues such as Lancashire & Cumbria sports centres, music festivals like 'Glastonbury' & others, Tully house Carlisle for a number of years, Scout groups as well as many smaller ventures.
These are run as a course over holidays, or one or two days a week, a two week course or shorter, or single tasters.

Education, Communication & Therapy Applications

As Robin is an experienced & qualified teacher & creator of visual aids for communication purposes & therapy workers, you & your discipline may benefit from the experience and know-how of Martinys unique approach.

If you wish to avoid boring "chalk & talk" and actually connect with your audience, especially with an important issue or new idea - try a better way & let us work with you to help you make your point.